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November 8, 2016 Tully Luxury Travel

How Mark Cuban travels








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Mark Cuban ( is the very model of a self-made billionaire. From working-class roots in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cuban paid his way through university and business school, then began his empire by building up and selling software firm MicroSolutions. It sold for $6 million, of which Cuban personally collected $2 million. Today his investments span entertainment, technology and sport – but he is best known as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and an investor on ABC’s Shark Tank. Tully Luxury Travel caught up with Mark to find out about his travel essentials and his packing habits.

What kind of bags do you travel with?

I travel with Dallas Mavericks branded luggage. We have custom suitcases made for the players so we all travel in style! For my personal bag, I use a Tumi computer bag to carry my many electronics I need to geek out with on the road…

Tell us about the three essentials you always bring with you…

An item of clothing

Workout gear (1). I don't feel good if I don't get in some cardio.

An accessory

My IPad Pro (2). Work. Movies. Games. Sports. Books. It's essential.

A grooming product

Lab Series shaving cream (3). I'm addicted to it. I won't shave without it!

What tech do you always take on vacation?

Two phones. Sometimes three (4). Each is on a different network so I always have fast service. And there’s always my iPad Pro for anything bigger. I also take my Samsung VR goggles (5). It's a great way to privately watch movies.

What do you read when traveling?

Usually a business-related book, and all the tech and business websites I need to keep up. The last book I read was The Master Algorithm by Pedro Domingos (6).

What’s the one thing you’d NEVER travel without?

A back-up pair of contact lenses! (7)

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